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Wondershare PDFelement 9

With Wondershare PDFelement for Windows, you can create stunning PDF documents and forms quickly, affordably, and securely. It also makes it easier for Windows users to interact with PDF files. With the aid of this PDFelement for the Windows program, PDFs may be opened, saved, printed, and annotated. Any graphic element in your PDF can be moved, rotated, scaled, relocated, and more;

Produce files from PDF documents in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, text, and images;

Make a form field that is interactive and can recognize other form fields;

It is possible to extract and export data from interactive PDF forms in CSV format;

Include page numbers, bates numbers, and page elements; digitally sign and approve documents; OCR to extract text from images; scanned PDFs should include some fields that have been user-defined subject to partial OCR; Batch processing is used for data production, watermarking, bates numbering, and optimization. Being familiar with PDFelement’s workspace is a great way to start becoming proficient with it. PDFelement has a straightforward user interface with a menu bar, toolbar, navigation panel, and work area.

Improvements of Wondershare PDFelement 9

Optimized the visual experience

The reading area is bigger and the top operating bar is narrower;

Improved rapid tool management, quick file and folder opening, file searching, and the ability to bookmark and upload documents to the cloud are all features of the improved start page. General view settings were changed to a resident general bottom settings bar from the bottom status bar, making it easier for users to read PDFs.

File sharing using the document cloud

Users can transfer local files to the document cloud through cloud documents and share documents using the document cloud; the link is valid for 30 days. PDFelement has added the document cloud as a document transfer tool.

Function of translation

Offers translation in more than 100 languages, and allows saving the translation outcomes to the annotation list so that they may be viewed whenever you want.

Read and make notes

Full-screen document annotation is supported, making it ideal for scenarios taking place in conference rooms or during in-depth reading.

More view options, page rotation, and cover mode – page background options (parchment mode, eye protection mode).

Make a new file that just contains the present document’s annotated pages.

Batch tools

Batch processing is supported in a variety of ways by the PDF editor. Since many features were implemented in earlier revisions, PDFelement now has more batch management features that enable users to process documents in groups and save time. Users of PDFelement now have access to improved viewing capabilities. They can examine the document in several variants by separating the cover of a certain PDF file. To get a better and more enhanced view of PDF documents, change the page backgrounds and rotate the view.

Cloud Integration With The PDF Editor

Wondershare PDFelement 9 is linked to Document Cloud, the online cloud version available on all platforms. Users can directly access their files in the cloud from a computer or smartphone device thanks to Document Cloud’s platform-across compatibility. Any file edited in the cloud can be accessed on any device and opened, saved, or shared. The cloud platform’s accessibility enables users to transfer data between devices with its assistance. Users who frequently use PDF files throughout their professions benefit from this improved cloud connectivity.


  • The program is not overly expensive compared to other PDF editors. You must spend a fair amount of $129.99 just once to have lifelong access to the entire PDFelement toolbox. No other PDF editor gives such an extensive selection.
  • Users of Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices can download this free PDF editor because it supports a wide range of operating systems and gadgets.
  • When compared to other PDF solutions, PDFelement’s conversion tool supports a greater variety of file formats. The Wondershare PDFelement converter software supports file formats like HTML, BMP, HWP, and HWPX.
  • When compared to other PDF converters, it offers an incredibly rapid conversion speed. A file with 100 pages can be converted in just 45 seconds.
  • Thanks to the interface’s straightforward design, all users will find utilizing the system to be simple and intuitive.
  • Users can make more significant changes to their PDF documents because of the improved array of editing tools offered by PDFelement.
  • OCR functionality is provided by PDFelement 9 in a high-quality, quick, and easy manner.


  • You must pay for all of the advanced features in Wondershare PDFelement 9 to use them.


After being upgraded to PDFelement, the utility increased convenience to newer levels. It can now be utilized for the multi-terminal flow of documents because it supports numerous terminals. They can maintain a system for sharing and exchanging documents across the Document Cloud since it supports both desktop and mobile users and connects them via the Document Cloud. You will have a deeper understanding of how this PDF editor tends to alter the current dynamics of PDF tools after reading the thorough evaluation of Wondershare PDFelement 9 and its key features. With such variety on numerous platforms, PDFelement is thought to be the best product on the market. Users may feel compelled to test out this brand-new edition of PDFelement after reading the review.

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