Best iOS Business Apps in 2022: TOP List

Are you a busy person who is frequently moving between different locations having your iPhone at hand only? Don’t want to interrupt your business plans when you need your schedule made elsewhere at hand now, fax, make presentations, and other things helpful or needed in the course of doing your business?

It is a good idea to install business apps and retain your rhythm of doing business. That is a possible thing thanks to a boosted iPhone that is always nearby. Here is a list of TOP apps to review in the first turn.

Probably the Best Business Apps to Install in the First Turn

Having an iPhone at hand makes available lots of options helpful for doing business even distantly and having a busy schedule too. Here is a list of helpful business applications compatible with the most widespread iOS devices that are worthy to be installed in the first turn.

1. Smartsheet – Project Management App

The first suggested app is related to project management. It can help with a number of business-related things. Track the number of your employees and their workloads. Review and check the status of the projects you have on your agenda. This app will enable doing this smoothly. It has lots of helpful features that can be customized according to the user’s needs. Sharing the info on the projects, setting reminders, sending files, viewing charts, and using many other features are convenient with this app. Distance doesn’t matter when this app is in your hand. 

Who may find this app helpful? Businessmen who deal with complicated projects where proper organization matters especially, sales businesses are good examples. But, the list of business projects this app can benefit is not limited, of course. That depends on its specifics. But, the tool is surely adaptable.

2. Evernote

This is an amazing tool for making notes. It is an easy thing to forget about certain things to do, right? Making notes is a helpful option to prevent forgotten business tasks to do. Process notes using this app at ease. It makes available such options as attaching photos, adding lists, having chats, and many others, including thanks to using an iPhone camera. It is a possible thing to scan and arrange docs, make drawings, and business cards. The app also provides the features of setting reminders, creating agendas, making memos and presentations, and many more. Handling team meetings is a number of times easier using this app.

3. Spark

This is a workable email app. It has a convenient, more intuitive, interface adapted to the needs of users. This tool enables to manage emails. For instance, it categorizes emails as personal, newsletters, and notifications. Getting rid of unnecessary emails is also a possible thing. Creating emails with your business team is an option available as well. Collaboration becomes a number of times more effective with this tool. What else is good about it? This app enables to schedule messages that have to be sent later. The support of the most widespread services, like Dropbox and iCloud Drive, is also provided.

4. Fax App

Using an iPhone provides an extended scope of options at the moment. Faxing is also a totally possible thing using this device at hand. Taking into account the quality of photos made using an iPhone camera, it is a beneficial option for sure. If you are wondering how can you fax from an iPhone, that is more than an easy thing to do. A user needs only take a photo of a target doc and make respective customizations provided by this Fax app. Using your phone number is required for this purpose.

An app provides an opportunity to take photos in JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats, among others. Making scans and faxing is a fast thing with this tool. It also enables tracking the history at ease as well. This application ensures the security of all docs scanned and faxed as it provides an e-signature option. Using this fax at hand is possible anywhere and the quality is more than decent in this case.

5. Microsoft’s PowerPoint

If you need to make a presentation, your iPhone can be a helpful device in this case. Microsoft’s PowerPoint is surely the best tool among all apps that can make presentations. It has a familiar interface and is helpful for making and editing presentations fast. The quality is preserved in this case.

It is an easy thing to customize your presentation. All files are saved and stored using OneDrive options. The app is available in different languages, including English, French, Dutch, German, Czech, Dutch, and others.

Final Words

An iPhone is not a tool for communication only now. It can work perfectly to substitute some office devices and functions. This device helps with arranging all business matters while a user is away from an office. Download business tools listed in this article. Make a better schedule, manage your complicated projects, fax, make notes, and even create presentations having a smartphone at hand solely. Don’t break your plans – make them better arranged with helpful apps that are always at hand.

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