Best Video Streaming Apps For Your Android Phone

We all have become quite accustomed to video streaming as a mode of entertainment. In fact, with mobile apps now supporting seamless video streaming, people are watching their favorite shows and movies even when they are on the go. However, they can truly have a fun-filled experience if you choose the right streaming platform.

Here are a few options to consider if you happen to have an Android phone.

1. Netflix


The world of video streaming does not get better than Netflix Canada. Although its content may not be available in full everywhere, the Netflix library can be accessed via VPN which means you can watch all your favorite shows at one place. Moreover, Netflix comes with a 30-day free trial. You can check out its features without even subscribing to the service and choose a payment plan later on. If you are a parent, don’t worry about what your kid will be watching because Netflix allows complete control over the app so that children can be kept away from viewing adult content.

2. HBO


This is yet another amazing streaming app that would cater well to all your on-demand video streaming needs. You can access the programs of your choice immediately and also view the ones that have been recently premiered. Comedy shows, serials, movies, and documentaries are available in HD quality from different corners of the world.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Perhaps the biggest competitor to Netflix is Amazon Prime which also has the latest to oldest TV shows and movies as well as its own section of original shows that you would absolutely love! Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime is a worldwide service which offers subscriptions to more than 100 channels at once. You can also download the shows or movies in HD quality if you want.

4. Vudu


As an innovative video streaming service, Vudu also provides access to a number of latest movies and TV shows immediately after they become available. There is also a selective category that you can watch without paying any fee. Moreover, you can choose an ad-free subscription plan to double the fun.

5. Fubo


This platform has been more famous as sports-streaming services but it hosts non-sport channels as well. With any sort of subscription, customers get 500 hours of cloud storage. There are premium plans as well that come with additional benefits and perks like wider library of content, no-ads, and a free trial before you sign up to any payment plan. What’s more? There’s a subscription plan for kids as well that gives access to only selective programs that are safe to watch for children.

These are some of the best video streaming apps that you can download and subscribe to on your Android phones and other devices. You will have to visit their official website to read more about features and payment schemes in details. Then you are free to decide which one to choose as well as the subscription plan that best fits your needs. We hope this article was useful and fun to read!

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