VidMate MOD APK 4.4904 (Premium Unlocked) Download for Android

Every user of androids wants to download videos from different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many others but there is no such platform or an application to download them. To download all the videos from these platforms you have to download the vidmate apk which will allow you to download everything at any time. Users can download any video that they like from any platform in multiple quality.

Key Features of Vidmate apk

Some amazing features of the vidmate apk are given below which will show you its importance and how it is different from other applications.

Download unlimited contents

Users can download unlimited videos and many other things on the vidmate apk. You are not bound to download some specific numbers of videos, you can download a lot of and endless videos from this application which is a good feature for all users. So, just download the application and start to enjoy every platform.

Download full movies and songs

Most users want to download a song or video but they are not able to download full videos due to some restrictions and they cannot enjoy them. Developers modify a function and launch it by using that users can download full movies and pieces of music. So users are not free to download them at any time and watch them whenever they want.

Watchonlineas well as offline

Users can watch every stream and any video on vidmate apk online as well as offline. More ever, you can watch them and can download them to watch offline. Furthermore, if you don’t have enough time to watch online at the right place then you can download them and watch them offline when you are free or getting bored. So, watching the movies online as well as offline is an interesting feature of the vidmate apk.

High-quality videos

Watching a movie in low quality will decrease your interest in movies and you will get bored. To solve this problem experts customize an application vidmate apk in which users can download the movies in different qualities. More ever, they can download in low as well as high quality. Furthermore, it is not bound to certain videos but users can also download a lot of movies as well as music.

Connected with multiple platforms

Users are not limited to downloading movies and videos from specific platforms but they can download them from a lot of different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and many other platforms. So, users are now free to download from different platforms. More ever, just share the link of content in vidmate and start to download them in better quality.

Free to use

Users cannot download movies and videos from YouTube, Facebook, and many other platforms which is not a good feature of platforms. Now users can download them without any cost which is an amazing feature of the vidmate apk. There is no need to pay anything to download the movies and other content from any platform.

Free from ads

Users are now free to use the vidmate apk without any disturbance of advertisement. Ads will not obstruct you from using this application. Developers remove all ads and make this application simple to use.

Safe to use

Vidmatapk is free from bugs and viruses. Users can use it without any fear of hacking

and tracking. Developers have checked everything and after that, they launched it in the industry. So your data is secured and there is no need to worry about its security. More ever, users can use it without any risk of data hacking.


If you are looking for an application that can help you in downloading videos and movies from different platforms then the vidmate apk is the right place for you. Furthermore, users can download and watch videos and music from different platforms without any disturbance and without paying charges.


Is it free to use or not?

Yes, the vidmate apk is cost and users can use it without any payment. Downloading and enjoying all the premium features are now free to use in the modified version of vidmate.

Is it safe for our devices?

Yes, the vidmate apk is safe from viruses and also from cyber-attacks. User’s data is secured from each type of threat.

How to download?

You just need to search the vidmate apk in the browser of your device and install it from the website.

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