Celebrity Divorce Betting Odds: Celebrities Who Have Stuck by Each Other

2020 has been quite the ride that has brought us species-extinguishing wildfires, a pandemic, the death of millions, global social movements that have made real change, and a murder hornet situation to top it all.

The drama of the past year has spewed into 2021 with the added of an economic crisis. With so many things going on, it makes sense for many people to seek distractions to numb the mind from all the little fires that keep going off.

Nothing does a better job at passing the time than focusing on celebrity news. It is common knowledge that couples with a lot of fame are ticking bombs, and most of them do not ride out the long haul.

Numerous websites get creative and offer people vested in such interests a chance to predict the odds of a couple divorcing or not.

This list features celebrities who have stuck by each other’s side for decades and those that are a flash-in-the-pan and barely endure a season.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Details of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's divorce revealed
credit: DNA India

When Kim Kardashian is arguably one of the most prominent women on the planet with a reputation of being famous for being famous. Kimberly is no stranger to marriage and divorce as she is currently riding out her third marriage with rapper and longtime friend Kanye West.

She first shocked the world after her second marriage to Kris Humphries in 2011 lasted only 72 days. Therefore, when she ended up with her third husband in 2014, many people were quick to speculate that they would only last a few months before parting ways.

However, the Wests proved resilient over time, and even have four kids together, namely;

  • North West
  • Saint West
  • Chicago West
  • Psalm West

Over the past few years, the romance between Kim and Kanye that seemed to be defying people’s expectations may not be so rosy after all. Things came crumbling down in 2020 when Kanye had several public outbursts due to his struggle with bipolar.

He attacked several aspects of the socialite’s life, including how she almost aborted her first daughter, North. While Kim stood beside her husband and defended him to their family and the public, the bough seems to be breaking.

While they were initially intent on making amends, too much damage has been done, and the two seem to be getting a divorce.

They are currently not living together, and communication between them is reported to be close to none. Most sites place their odds of announcing a divorce in 2021 at +150 for yes and -200 for no.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump

First lady Melania Trump will not join President Trump on G7, Singapore  summits - ABC News
credit: ABC News

Donald and Melania Trump just concluded their four-year run as POTUS and FLOTUS. The famous couple defied all odds by surviving the presidency without separation or divorce despite strong rumors swirling around the internet.

People were so convinced Melania wanted to leave that the hashtag #FreeMelania was trending on Twitter for a hot minute.

However, sources close to them reveal that their love is ultra-complicated, but it works for them.

According to staff and housekeepers that have seen Melania and Donald Trump in their numerous homes, they are always in the same building but apart from each other. They even sleep in separate bedrooms, enjoy different hobbies, and have loner lifestyles.

Nonetheless, they are fond of each other in their unique way, and Melania is one of the few people Donald trusts. Due to their married life’s privacy, the chances of a divorce happening are yet to be determined.

The ‘Yes’ odds stand at +130, and the ‘No’ odds are at -100.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner And Ivanka Trump Made At Least $28 Million Last Year
credit: Forbes

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump will be celebrating their 12th year of marriage in October 2021. Their relationship has overcome its fair share of bumps over the years, including religious differences to a brief split.

Their marriage is labeled the best business transaction in New York since it brought together two influential families and made both houses thrive financially. The two held influential positions in the White House when Donald Trump was president.

Ivanka served as one of the president’s advisors, and Jared was in charge of his father-in-law’s reelection campaign. The odds of this couple splitting stand at +300 for yes and -600 for no.

Jay Z and Beyonce

Everything to Know About Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Relationship
credit: Brides

The road to married happily ever after is paved with hard work, and a lot of marriages fracture when giant mounts of pain and heartbreak become too hard to bear.

However, that was not the case for Jay Z and Beyonce, a couple that has become celebrity royalty thanks to their successful entertaining, and entrepreneurial careers.

The pair are notorious for keeping their marriage private, but they slowly opened up about their marriage bumps after the infamous elevator fight.

In 2016, Beyonce released her emotionally raw Lemonade album, explaining the heartbreak she endured due to her husband’s infidelity. Jay Z released 4:44 the following year, confessing the pain he had caused his wife and daughter. In 2018, they concluded their story with the joined album; Everything is Love.

The couple pressed the reset button on their marriage and even got remarried. The health of the power couple seems better than ever, even though the details remain unknown.

Therefore, the odds of divorce are rightfully at -4000 for no.

Also, the pair’s wealth puts them at too much financial risk to be rocking their empire.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's Instagram Trolling: A History | Teen Vogue
credit: Teen Vogue

Deadpool’s star Ryan Reynolds and his equally famous wife Blake Lively may troll each other on social media, but they are among the most envied Hollywood couples.

The couple has been together since 2012 and has three daughters together. If their rosy history is anything to go by, this couple is one to bet on not to get divorced in 2021.

The pair continue to keep their children’s lives from the public eye, but they are not afraid to have some social media fun, especially at each other’s expense.


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, Kurt Russell, and Goldie Hawn, and Justine Timberlake, and Jessica Biel are some other couples whose chance of divorce you can bet on and check websites for great latest casino bonuses codes. The odds change from one site to another.

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