10 Free Software to Speed Up Your Academic Writing

You need a lot of time and hard work to complete your thesis. You cannot find any quick way to write it. Academic writing demands a lot of effort from its writer. But some ways can help you to optimize your work and correct your mistakes. These ways are some software that allows you to boost your career. The writing software makes it possible to create a thesis, research paper, dissertation, assignment, or essay on a computer or laptop.

The software has some specific tools that enhance the quality of writing. You have to know about the academic convention before starting your paper. These conventions are used for style and grammar.

You also need to add evidence to support your claims and arguments on paper. Don’t forget to add citations and references to your academic writing. Sometimes it may be challenging to meet a deadline granted by your professor even with additional software.

In this case, you can ask for help, fortunately, there is a service where you can simply type “do my homework for me” and professionals will help you with this. 

10 Free Software to Speed Up Your Writing  

Here is a list of 10 free software that can help you to write an influential academic paper.

1. Grammarly

grammar for content writing

It is one of the best and most valuable free tools to improve academic writing. If we talk about the writing tools that are free of cost and do a great job, Grammarly has first place out of all other free tools. It has a browser that helps to correct grammar and spelling mistakes. It also corrects bad phrasing and punctuations. Grammarly works quickly when a text needs to be edited on an urgent basis.

Its basic version is free of cost, but you have to pay for the subscription if you want its advanced feature. The advanced features of this tool include plagiarism check, more advanced punctuations, and phrase correction. The basic version also helps a lot and places me in the first rank to fulfill my writing needs.

2. Scrivener

Scrivener for content writing

It is the best writing tool that helps a lot in improving your writing skill. It is the best choice for checking out complex and lengthy documents. If you are writing a novel, script, book, or research paper, then you must use this tool to boost your writing. It helps the writer to collect information searched for writing paper and take notes. It makes the necessary changes and gives ideas to generate a unique and effective research paper. This tool has all the features in it that you need to write your essay. It is all one tool, which means it has all its features that are present individually in other writing tools.

3. Microsoft word

Microsoft word for content writing

It is the best choice for a Windows PC. It contains many templates and writing designs, and layouts that help you write a well-organized paper. Moreover, it also has some suggestions for word choice and automatic word correction features. It allows you to explore different font styles and writing formats. You can also save the documents in its file and can print the copies. It has multiple formats, including PDF, in which you can set your record.

Microsoft 365 is the advanced version of Microsoft Word with different packages for home, business, and premium. If you choose the home package, it offers you a 30-day free trial.

4. Citavi

Citavi for content writing

It is also a helpful tool that helps not only in academic writing but in business also. Citavi is a valuable tool for students to help in effectively writing their assignments. It also saves your text with passage numbers and sources.

5. Ref-N-Write

Ref-N-Write for content writing

A complex tool used for writing academic papers very quickly. A full-text search can be performed by this tool. It handles the complete document carefully. Ref-N-Write checks the tone and format used in writing. It also contains the vocabulary used on paper and detects vocabulary mistakes. This complex writing tool also improves grammar and spelling mistakes.

6. Hemingway App

Hemingway App for content writing

It is an online tool that improves the readability of documents and makes them more attractive and engaging. Its free version is available, but if you want its desktop package, then you need to pay $20. However, its desktop version also has the same features as the free basic version. So we recommend you don’t waste your money on it and use the free version.

If you are writing in complex vocabulary, the tool also needs a higher US grade to understand the document. It has a 5th grade level for readability. So make sure that your content matches with a grade of the Hemingway app.

7. Readable

Readable for content writing

The name of the app indicates its function. For example, readable is specifically used to improve the level of readability of your document. It has five different formulas to check the grade of readability. These five formulas check and test the basic steps of your writing. After testing average grades, it uses the new formula and the previous five formulas to find out the scores of the paper. After applying all formulas of readable tools, the final paper will come out in the updated form. Now your paper is ready, check the improved quality of your content.

8. WriteMonkey

WriteMonkey for content writing
Credit: Writemonkey

 This app can be downloaded at your desktop application. It is a popular writing tool due to its simple background and quality work. Many of its features are similar to Scrivener. It does not run any advertisements and is available for free of cost. It has the following functions;

  • Outliner
  • Marking and automatic highlighting the text
  • File organization

9. Libreoffice

Libreoffice for content writing

It is not beneficial to organize an essay on TEXT. At the same time, Microsoft Office is too costly, especially for the students. So here is LibreOffice that can help you to compile your essays. However, it has limited features as compared to Microsoft office but the best choice for writing papers.

10. Cliché Finder

Cliché Finder for content writing

It is a handy online app available for free of cost. This instrument organizes your academic paper and refines it carefully. You only need to copy your writing and paste it into the browser of Cliché Finder. All the stereotype content will be highlighted by the tool, and you only need to replace them with original sentences.


All the tools mentioned above can reform your writings in a well-definite way as these tools are free of cost so that you can use them continuously. If academic writing is not your job, then get help from experts. Expert academic writers can do urgent tasks easily because they have experience in this area. Contact them for further information.

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