How To Play Double Solitaire? The Rules and Playing Tips

It is not very common to find two-player solitaire games. However, a two-player solitaire game adds new twists and can be more fun and exciting compared to conventional solitaire games. In this game, players work together to solve puzzles.

Another name for Double Solitaire is Double Klondike. Double Solitaire works like most solitaire games. However, once aces are put up, players can play with them or borrow cards.

How is Double Solitaire Played?

Players use two decks of cards to play this game. Each player uses their deck to lay their tableau. Cards are laid out just like in Russian Solitaire. You use three cards from your stockpile to deal. The available card is the one on top of the dealt cards. You can play the card to your tableau or the foundation.

However, the game rules do not allow you to play to your opponent’s tableau. The game also allows players to assist each other. Helping your opponent keeps the game going and more fun. Double Solitaire does not require players to take turns while playing. Instead, you can both play at your own pace.

It is advisable to ensure that you are putting as many cards on the foundation as you can. Double Solitaire and Russian Solitaire have one significant difference – you can place your card on any foundation pile, regardless of whether you or your opponent started the foundation.

To win this game, you have to use all your cards in the foundations. The first one to do so between two players is the winner. You have to exhaust all cards in your tableau and stockpile to win this solitaire game.

Most experienced players prefer dealing cards from the stockpile after playing all the cards from the tableau. The players prefer playing all the visible cards before laying down more cards. It is essential to ensure the two decks of cards are identifiable and do not mix up.

If the game ends at a stalemate, the player with the most cards on the foundation piles wins.

It is essential to agree with your opponent on group moves to avoid conflicts. In Double Solitaire, you can always free up a card buried in the middle of your tableau fan using a group move.

For instance, you need a five of diamonds that is in your tableau fan to put on a four of diamonds on the foundation pile. You can free the five of diamonds by lifting the cards with the black four and placing them to the open five of hearts on your tableau fans. This way, you free the five of diamonds to play on the foundation.

It is essential to shuffle both decks thoroughly before you start the game. Playing without shuffling makes the game predictable since the decks come with the cards arranged in a given order.

Double Solitaire Rules

The standard rules that players should follow when playing Double Solitaire are fairly simple. You can only reveal draw cards, each card at a time. Participants share all foundations, and a pile always starts with an ace of each suit. The game ends when one participant exhausts all their cards.

Useful Playing Tips

Always make fast moves to ensure your opponent doesn’t beat you. Unveil hidden draw pile cards to unlock more cards. Empty piles only when you can access the king to free up more piles. If you have exhausted all your moves, wait for your opponents to play and create an opportunity for you to progress.

Final Thoughts

Among all the multiplayer variations of solitaire, Double Solitaire is one of the most interesting to play. You can challenge your friends and family to play this game to show them your prowess during your free time.

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