Late-Starter’s Guide to Crypto Currencies

A lot of chatter is going around Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other similar heads. These are the cryptocurrencies that are catching a lot of attention lately. While several masses began dealing with this a decade ago, others are getting fascinated nowadays.

Keen investors and updated users are realizing how promising crypto can prove to be in the coming times. Do not fret about being left out, as it is better to be late than never. Roll in to get the required explanation on this trending topic.

What is crypto, and how does it work?


It is a currency to facilitate buying and selling of commodities via a digital mechanism. Crypto is software that offers its users transactional utility to exchange things for some value. Unlike the cash in hand or at banks, this currency is decentralized, its most distinctive and crucial feature. In the simplest sense, it is a digital asset used to buy and sell products or services.


The whole module rests on the technology, namely blockchain. It is also called the public ledger that records every entry that speaks of its fairness and security.

  • Whenever a person exchanges a cryptocurrency, the regulating block creates a code representing the value and quantity.
  • The block then shares the same info to every other node of the network so that everyone registered on the same network can view it. 
  • Upon verification, it is recorded in the decentralized system, and the purpose of the exchange is then facilitated. 

Why is it so popular?

Umpteen reasons lie behind the increasing demand for crypto. While some are tech-savvy, others are related to independence. To highlight a few of the reasons are:-

Neutral Regulation

Instead of being regulated in the hands of one person or government, crypto is supported by an impartial system of the blockchain database.

Better Answerability

Since each transaction is recorded with the help of cryptography and blockchain, crypto is more accountable than traditional currencies.

Improved Security

Identity and financing theft can be eliminated by using the systematic technology of crypto. Hence, users find it a safer option as compared to the banking or in-hand system.

Types of crypto wallets

Like a wallet is needed to store cash or bank lockers are used to keep vital things, a digital wallet is essential for cryptocurrencies. Plenty of choices are available in this regard as follows: –

Hot & Cold

Hot wallets are available online; hence they are user-friendly but may pose cyber threats. Contrarily, cold ones are offline that may be cumbersome to access but away from hacking.


A smartphone can be turned into a crypto mobile wallet. The person will have to use a unique QR code for transactions. Instantly accessible but may be prone to malware. 


Similar to mobile wallets, this is operated by an internet browser. The owner will have a private key that must not be given to anyone else. 


It is a tangible device that can be connected to a computer. They can be costly but are appreciated for immense safety.


These come in the form of downloadable software. It is anonymous and safe but needs regular backup and anti-virus scanning.


The QR code here is printed on paper. The lack of dependence is the biggest drawback of this wallet.  

How to pick the right one?

It can get confusing to pick the right wallet among the many types available mentioned above. Check the pros and cons after considering the following pointers before finalizing it.

  • Cost
  • Security
  • Mobility
  • Anonymity
  • Accessibility 
  • Accountability
  • Multisig, i.e. the need for more than one key 

Best crypto exchanges in 2021

Exchanges are the intermediaries that facilitate the exchange of crypto between the buyer and the seller. Different developers try to accommodate the best features; hence, there are a plethora of crypto exchanges. According to Forbes and other reliable sources, the below-mentioned names can be an ideal choice in 2021.


It is taking the lead as the best overall platform for crypto. Even the pro users appreciate its existence and improvements. It has 500+ currencies and charges a 0.1-0.5% fee only. 


Probably the most heard portal, it is popular for being very user-friendly. The interface is easy to navigate especially, for beginners. However, its transactional fee is higher than others.


Those who look for advanced features may love this exchange. Also, it is one of the oldest existing portals that holds reliability in people’s minds. Even the fee rates are as low as 0.16-0.26%. But starters may find it a very complex interface.

By supporting more than 100 cryptocurrencies, it is gaining much limelight besides being highly secured. However, the downside can be 0.40% trading fees for small investors.


Redot crypto exchange is another reliable project that attracts people with low fees and a feature-rich interface. Newbies will find it extremely easy to use while experienced traders will be able to bring their trade experience to the next level.

Understanding the crypto investment risks

Every coin has two sides, and so does a Bitcoin or any other possible cryptocurrency. A prudent investor will note the risks besides the long list of its benefits as well. 

Cyber Security

Being operated by technological software, cunning hackers may develop shocking methods to trespass. Such breaking may lead to both personal and proprietary losses.

Price Volatility

Since crypto is based on market sentiments, it can go shockingly down without any indications. There could be droppings for even thousands of dollars or more due to the high volatility nature.

Identity Status

Some influencers and other authorities question its existential status. Many believe that it is property and not currency. Such controversies may become prone to risks like sudden closure or unsolved topics. People are looking for a transparent form of currency that is easy and quick to access. And crypto is fulfilling such expectations for which it seems to rule in the coming times.

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