Life Goals: How to Choose, Set, and Achieve Them

Each person develops in the course of his or her life certain life goals that he or she wants to achieve. These can be both big things, but also small achievements that are considered crucial and contribute to personal growth. 

Life goals can be something to reach in a long time, quite always with commitment and sacrifice, but also behaviours that can be adopted in everyday life.

If you think about yourself, you will find that, even unintentionally, you have set some goals for yourself in life. Having goals in life, regardless of their type, means always being motivated and succeeding in improving oneself.

Here are some tips on how to set life goals, understand which ones suit you best and, above all, what is the strategy to achieve them.

➥ Plan an early and peaceful retirement

For many people, early retirement is a goal to be achieved, but it is often thought of as a privilege reserved for the few.

Retiring before the set date, which is usually 65 in the U.K., means having more time to enjoy life, leisure and family, and to pursue one’s passions. However, as explained in this blog post, achieving this goal requires careful financial planning.

To retire early at around 55, for example, it is necessary to start drawing up a financial plan in good time: for example, you can eliminate burdensome debts, such as loans and mortgages, put something aside each year, and perhaps rely on an income during the retirement years.

To begin building your strategy for an early and happy retirement, you should keep in mind that relying on a nest egg of £26,000 per year gives you the possibility to cover your expenses and to indulge in some treats.

➥ Set up your financial goals

It is said that money does not make you happy, but being able to achieve financial security allows you to live life better and cope with the unexpected. It goes without saying that, almost always, financial goals are intertwined with job goals.

However, financial goals can be very diverse. For example, you may wish to earn more money, to buy a house, to put something aside for an important purchase or to face the future, but also to eliminate loans and debts.

Although the path to these financial goals seems rather difficult, it is good to know that some can be achieved without the need for extra income, but only by reviewing your spending or changing the way you manage your money. However, the best thing to do in order to achieve your financial goals, is to set priorities, define a realistic timeline and small short-term goals to be achieved on a monthly basis.

➥ Develop your career

Patience and persistence are essential to achieve career goals, i.e., milestones in your career path. Identifying your goals and planning actions to achieve them may mean enrolling in training courses to develop a new skill, get a certification, spending time working abroad or be ready to make other changes in your life.

At some point in their lives, moreover, many people may wish to open their own business, so that could be another life goal you may want to achieve.

In order to achieve career-related goals, it is good to be ambitious, but also to plan intermediate steps. This helps not only to better define your plan, but also to keep motivation high and being focused on your objectives.

➥ Being active and healthy

Regardless of your age, one of your life goals is likely to be wellness. Being healthy and staying active is crucial, not only because it helps you to feel better and increases self-esteem, but also to prevent some illness and disease.

A little motivation and the will to defeat laziness are necessary, especially if you are sedentary, to start taking care of yourself. However, once you start, you will immediately feel better and definitely want to continue on this path.

You can start with your diet, eliminating ready-to-eat foods, alcohol, and too much coffee, perhaps seeking advice from a nutritionist. Then, you can do physical activity by finding the best one for your needs. Again, you should not set too ambitious objectives, but aim for small and viable goals.

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