Microsoft Offering a Free Productivity Tool Amongst Other of the Latest Business News

The latest news surrounding Microsoft’s merger deals and tech-related developments include the newly made opportunity for small businesses to utilize the productivity tool from Microsoft, for no cost at all. The free tool that has been made available on the Play Store, is listed as a lighter version, which allows exclusive access to all services but at limited access.

It has been made known that smaller businesses could certainly benefit from the application without having to pay for the services, as the lighter version allows productivity management for a number of tasks that may as well fit the level of tasks on a small B2B scale.

Currently, task managers like those offered by Microsoft are becoming increasingly popular with all forms of business. Many eSport gamers have optimized managing all their

online gaming events and press events using task managers like if not the same to Microsoft’s productivity applications. The applications certainly do not strictly need to be used by a business taskforce, and it can be suited and manipulated in any gamer’s everyday life.

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What is the free Microsoft tool?

The productivity tool is a straightforward app that can be used to prioritise and list task loads for days, weeks, and months. The application can be integrated in different ways

depending on the business task force, and personal within teams. Should you wish to upgrade your free version towards the fully fledged application, that can be done via the Microsoft 365 subscription pages. 

This application is very important for small businesses because it has allowed clients to build their tasks around a designated taskforce and schedule. In addition to this, it

makes it incredibly easy for business goals to be kept track of, from both mobile, tablet, and desktop. It’s an all-round winning tool for any sized business. 

To no surprise, Amazon Prime has decided to raise their prime prices on their monthly plan, by two dollars. This increase is believed to go forward from as early as February

18th, however existing members will only pay the increase on their next payment plan whenever their next payment is actually next due to be billed. Therefore, for annual subscribers, they will find a save on the amount paid, until the next annual payment is renewed. 

Amazon did comment on why their payments were increasing during their latest press releases, and it is believed that more services will be added to Prime subscriptions and having further reimbursement for those is an inevitable must. While Amazon is not the only company to silently be raising their fees, it is believed that many customers comply with the increased fees due to the effort that comes with cancellations, with regard to notice periods and additional terms and conditions applied to subscriptions.

Business start-ups and API integrations

With many start-ups having been founded within the past few years, a Canadian start-up names as Wrk, (based in Canada), has been able to provide API tools to other businesses, to help workflows and refine the automation processes that come with growing business platforms. Getting tasks done efficiently and quickly is always a

priority for companies, and for that reason, this tool may be the perfect solution for small businesses still trying to find their effective flow strategy.

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