Top 6 Fastest Internet Providers In The USA

Industries in this country continue to see rapid growth after the massive shutdowns due to coronavirus. In this situation, many are shifting to new places. People are getting new occupations in new locations upon being laid off by companies shut down due to the pandemic.

On the other hand, businesses, which are starting to call their workers back from their homes, are also occupying more office locations. In this scenario where it seems like everyone is shifting, a lot of people have to choose between internet service providers (ISPs) – after all, everyone needs the internet in their new places to function!

Considering how there are so many ISPs, it is understandable if people are facing difficulties in making a choice between different ISPs. However, the decision can be made simpler by seeing which ones offer fiber. This is because, at not that high a cost, fiber internet allows for tenfold the speeds offered by other internet types, such as cable and DSL. Higher speeds are very important as the number of internet devices and applications we are using is going up day by day.

In the case that you are one of the people looking for an ISP, this article is just for you! We state this as we will be elaborating on each internet provider that offers fiber internet.

Here’s The List of Fastest Internet Providers in USA


xfinity internet customer service

This ISP remains one of the most renowned companies in the industry of the internet. And for good reason. Xfinity, as the name suggests, enables the highest speeds, often in the thousands of MBs per second. It is just not the fastest; it is also very reliable.

We don’t just mean reliable in terms of the consistency of the speed but also the consistency of coverage in whatever area is to be covered. This is made possible through its premium WiFi system called the xFi Gateway. Another marketable feature of Xfinity internet is its advanced security that makes sure all the user’s communication and internet history does not go public.

Xfinity users can also sign up for Xfinity packages that let users save money by subscribing to both television and the internet.

AT & T

at&t internet customer service

Xfinity doesn’t dominate the internet market alone; AT&T is another dominating force when it comes to the provision of the largest global network. Like its competitor mentioned above, it also is capable of offering speeds in the thousands of megabytes per second. Although it started off as a telecommunications provider, the company has since expanded into the television and internet spaces as well.


Spectrum internet customer service

Spectrum continues to be a reasonable option for internet provision. Alongside the fact that it can offer speeds comparable to the aforementioned brands, it also gives very useful items like antivirus software and internet modems for free to all subscribers.

In the case that you are fearful of the negative impact of the global network on kids, here is something that will let you breathe a sigh of relief: you can also put parent controls on how your kids can use the net.


Even though this ISP may not be as famous as the ones listed above, it still has some unique selling points that have made the brand survive to date. Through its Cox WiFi Hotspot Network, the provider allows people to access the internet without using up their data in public areas that are regularly frequented.

In addition to that, the Cox Panoramic WiFi enables subscribers to control various accounts through a single dashboard. Finally, the company states that it has worked a lot on its data security system as well.


Here’s a network that truly is the champion of the United States’ rural population. It even started off exclusively serving people in the rural areas! However, nowadays, Frontier is also available in urban areas. In fact, cities are the ones that experience the fastest speeds through Frontier Internet.

This is because those are the only places where fiber is available. Let us just hope that Frontier is able to take fiber technology to villages as well!


Last but not least on the list is the internet service provider by the name of Optimum. This company claims to have invested in a “smart WiFi” system that ensures consistent coverage throughout a building. However, even though Optimum might be your preferred choice, you may still not be able to subscribe to it as it is not yet available in all fifty states.

You can find out more about its availability by visiting its website or calling its customer care line. If Optimum does not serve your area yet, do remember to ask when it plans to come to your city!


As shown above, there are many choices you have if you want to get blazing fast net through fiber-optic lines in the United States of America. We wish you good luck with this decision and everything else!

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