Oxtorrent Proxy: *100% Working* List to Unblock Oxtorrent

What is Oxtorrent?

With the increasing demand for people to access entertainment content, the need for the best torrenting sites has increased considerably. With this, various torrenting sites have come up, including Oxtorrent, which is indeed one of the finest. The torrent is French-based, but the entertainment content collection is still relatively superior in terms of content variety and range.

The main content that is available on the platform is:

  • Movies of multiple genres with over 25000 French titles
  • Games and the latest software
  • Series with the latest updates of all seasons.
  • Songs and music albums 

Loaded with quality and range, this is one of the finest torrenting platforms. But there are chances that it might be difficult to access or even banned in certain regions due to content infringement issues. In such a case using proxies or a VPN is desirable.

Proxies and Mirrors of Oxtorrent

Torrenting and downloading movies are against the law, which is the reason for the ban of most torrent links. But the availability of the mirror and proxy links allow the users to access the same content with ease. The quality and the range remain the same, which is one of the primary reasons to use proxy links.  

Primary Reason for Ban- The leading causes of the ban are content that has been submitted that has been leaked, pirated, or violates the copyright.

Oxtorrent can still be accessed via VPN, web proxies, or mirror websites.

Sites that function as proxies or mirrors reproduce the information and appeal of the original platform. As a result, choosing a suitable proxy or mirror site might be pretty helpful. In light of that, these are the top proxy sites.

NOTE: We Update the OxTorrent Proxy list every week. If the proxy server is not working then check back later… We will update the new link as soon as possible ✔✔…

Also, I highly recommend you use VPN before Access to OxTorrent for downloading movies & tv shows it helps you to unblock OxTorrent easily…

OxTorrent Proxy/MirrorUrls ListStatus
OxTorrent Proxy 1https://unbl0ck.info/oxtorrent-proxy/
OxTorrent Proxy 2https://unblocknow.art/oxtorrent-proxy/
OxTorrent Proxy 3https://proxybit.lol/oxtorrent-proxy/
OxTorrent Proxy 4https://nocensor.lol/oxtorrent-proxy/
OxTorrent Proxy 5https://123unblock.us/oxtorrent-proxy/

✔ OFFICIAL WEBSITE – Oxtorrent.com

With a vast selection of media, including movies, TV shows, music, software, books, and games, Oxtorrent.com is a free torrent tracker without registration. The P2P model underlies how this torrent download site operates (peer-to-peer). Internet users download torrent files that interest them and then distribute portions of those files to other users.

Torrent files available primarily in French are listed on OxTorrent. Posted in 2019 after Cpasbien was shut down, its official address has changed multiple times due to content infringement and copyright issues. 

The display of the homepage is very friendly and straightforward, which includes:

  • Separate heads for each content type
  • Multiple genres 
  • Listed based on the latest and most asked content

Although the content is of a prime quality, it is still banned in various countries like India, the USA, the UK, Russia, Germany, and others due to infringement issues.

Note: There is a potential that the website will be prohibited in several places because of content infringement. The user can choose between using a VPN and proxy links to access.

✔ Oxtorrent.re

One of the finest proxy links is the replica of the main one; this is indeed the best. The content, display, and quality match the primary link making it the most trusted and surfed proxy link.

The features that make this proxy link unique include:

  • An amazing list of titles with over 25000 French titles
  • Simple user interface and proper arrangement
  • Friendly colours and unique background

Legit and Safe – The Oxtorrent is among the safest and most dependable websites to visit, according to Scam Adviser. You can still use the proxy links even if it’s blocked where you are.

✔ Oxtorrent.io

This is the proxy URL to follow when the main site is down, and the rest of the proxies fail. The display and quality of video and audio are amazing and will keep you entertained for quite a long time. Additionally, this link is free, but in case of any hassle, you can always rely on some VPN service. 

✔ Oxtorrent.pe

Regarding proxy links for the Oxtorrent, this is one of the finest to look for. Simple to access with the ability to redirect users to the main website content, this proxy links offer great service to the entertainers. Additionally, one can find all the latest titles and uploads on the primary website.

However, there is a potential that this link will cause problems as well. It is advised to use a VPN in this circumstance. The second option is to choose another proxy link instead of using this one, as was previously indicated.

✔ Oxtorrent.tv

Alexa Global rank is 232,244.

The estimated worth is US$448,225.

Daily page views are around 13,644.

Yet another proxy link with quite a great ranking and daily visit, this is one with amazing content like that of the primary one. Though the link is a proxy one, the content update is quite prompt, making it a great choice. Still, you can always use a VPN if you face difficulty with this proxy link.


Torrenting allows you to enjoy your favourite movie and series easily without charge but is still not advisable. The use of copyrighted content makes it unlawful in various countries like India, the USA, the UK, Germany, France, and others to prevent piracy. If you still want to download a movie to watch later, use a secure website.

By employing web proxies, mirror websites, or even a VPN, which may be paid or free, it can get around the limitation on viewing the content.

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