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Feature – UPDF

PDF format maintains and retains the original quality of the document that is sent, managing such documents can be difficult if you do not have the right tool with you. A free PDF editor will be really helpful to help you make changes to the PDF documents directly.

To edit a scanned PDF document, optical character recognition (OCR) is essential. Adults and kids with reading problems can benefit greatly from these digital files.

One reason for this is the wide range of reading-aid apps that may be utilized with digital material. However, sometimes you may need to edit the text in your scanned PDF, this is where you need a PDF editor like UPDF.

UPDF – The Best OCR and PDF Editing Tool

To get the most out of your OCR system with the least effort and cost, UPDF is a great option. You can get a free trial version by downloading it.

UPDF is an up-and-coming PDF editor that has made substantial technological investments to provide users with comprehensive OCR functionality. Some examples of what you can accomplish with UPDF are as follows.

Edit Text and Images

The UPDF is equipped with a variety of text-editing capabilities. These tools will make it simple for users to modify text in any way they see fit, be it to correct a mistake, a grammatical error, or to change the language of a phrase. To edit PDF easily, all you need to do is select the text and start making changes.

When making documents, users can select from a wide range of font sizes and styles.

Using UPDF, you may modify any image inside a PDF file, including cropping, rotating, and applying formatting styles. Insert and resize images in your papers with the help of this software. What’s more? You can also add and edit the links, watermarks, background in PDF document.

Powerful Tools for Annotating PDFs

UPDF guarantees that even the most intricate details of your document will be legible. To a high degree of precision, it can annotate PDFs.

You may jump to the forefront of the discussion by emphasizing the key points. To further emphasize particular words or phrases, you can utilize the strikethrough feature.

The use of “sticky note boxes” within a document allows you to permanently save relevant or time-sensitive information. They widen the pool of information from which you may draw.

Organize Your PDF Files

The in-built organizer in UPDF makes sorting your PDF collection simpler than ever. If and when authors choose to use charts and diagrams in their work is entirely up to them.

The order in which events occur is up to the author. In addition, authors can choose whether to number their pages arbitrarily or in a logical progression.

The pages may be displayed in either a portrait or landscape format. Additionally, PDF pages may be swapped out for new ones or added to existing documents.

OCR – Recognize Text in PDF

UPDF released the AI-powered OCR feature recently, and if you want to recognize the text in a scanned PDF document, you can use this function. It is the best option for you to convert image-based PDF into searchable and editable text.

The OCR feature supports to recognize of 38 languages, and it even helps you to recognize scanned documents with bilingual texts.

Share PDF

Online PDF file sharing between professionals and students is on the rise. Once upon a time, the most easily sent web items were spreadsheets, photos, and text. PDF files, which are easily portable, are widely distributed online nowadays.

Software tailored specifically to the task of transferring PDFs between users has emerged as a result of the format’s broad popularity. UPDF makes it easy to send PDF documents to anybody. The PDF can be signed as well.

Print PDF

After making the required edits in UPDF, you may also print the document. You may choose which printer to use by selecting the “Printer” button.

Connecting your computer to an unlimited number of printers is possible. It is not uncommon for various printers to be installed and configured across a LAN.

After choosing a PDF for printing, the Print Settings dialogue box will appear. Such options as Page Size, Default Text, and others are found here. These choices determine how a document is printed.

What Are the Benefits of Using UPDF?

The following are some of the advantages of using UPDF:

  • In PDF documents, it is simple to insert, remove, and modify individual words, phrases, and even full sentences.
  • Improve your PDF’s layout management by setting text alignment preferences.
  • If you use UPDF, you can change everything on your documents. Images can be resized, rotated, replaced, extracted, or even deleted.
  • Parts of a PDF can be highlighted, underlined, or even deleted.
  • Shapes and text boxes allow you to make more complex documents.
  • The use of sticky notes to make trustworthy marginal notes on documents.
  • You can make your own stamps, and you can change the appearance of premade stamps by altering their size, shape, and color.
  • Also, all the pages load quickly and there’s no trouble going from one to the next. You can enlarge any appealing visual element as much as you like.
  • You may effortlessly share a PDF with someone by email or a link on the web.


If you need to make changes to a scanned PDF, optical character recognition (OCR) is a great option. Choose a PDF editor whose OCR feature can recognize and detect every text on the document to make sure you’re dealing with everything that should be there. UPDF is a quick and simple tool for converting scanned PDFs into editable formats, and it produces precise results every time.

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