A Guide to Playing For Free on Online Casinos With Bonuses

Do you love trying out new casinos and casino games but find minimum deposit requirements blocking your way? You should know how to take advantage of casino bonuses to give you a higher leeway and number of plays. You could even play for free with a No Deposit bonus and keep your winnings. The stiff competition among online casinos has forced them to give very sweet incentives. Which are some of the best bonus types to try out?

Welcome (Sign Up) Bonus

This bonus is standard in almost all online casinos.  The bonus is offered in two different ways:

☑ Free play

The casino gives you a certain number of free plays when you sign up, for example, 100 free spins. This type of bonus restricts the type of games you can play. 

☑ Cash bonus

The casino tops up your first deposit. For example, a welcome bonus of 150% will top up a $10 bonus with $15 to give you a cash balance of $25. Cash bonuses are usually subjected to playthrough requirements. They restrict withdrawing the bonus until you have played a set minimum of times.

✔️ No Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus allows you to play without depositing any cash in your casino wallet.  It is often given for new members to try out a casino. But it is also sometimes open to old members to allow them to try out new games. 

✔️ Payment Method Bonus

You get this bonus for making your deposits and withdrawals by a method friendly to the casino. Casinos offer this type of bonus to encourage you to use payment methods that have cheap transaction costs. For example, nowadays it’s common to find bonuses for bitcoin deposits.  

✔️ Reloading Bonus

This type of bonus encourages you to stay active in a casino which means depositing more frequently. It applies to the amount you top-up. Casinos will often encourage you to play on specific days by offering a reloading bonus for depositing on that day, e.g., 50% bonus on Tuesday deposit.

✔️ Cash Back Bonus

You get some of your cash back when you lose a bet. You will love this type of bonus if you are a sports betting fan. For example, if you stack seven games in a multibet, the casino may give you  10% of your stake back if your bet loses in two games.

Cash back bonuses vary depending on the odds on your betting slip. For example, a casino may offer 10% cashback on minimum odds of 3.5, 20% cashback for minimum odds 5.5, and 50% for minimum odds of  7.5. Of course, higher odds translate to higher risks of losing a bet. 

✔️ Referral Bonus

You get a referral bonus for encouraging friends to sign up with a casino where you are a member. The casino gives you a sign-up link you can share on Facebook, WhatsApp or SMS. Some casinos offer a fixed bonus, e.g., $10 for every referral, while others offer a percentage of your referral’s deposits. However, many casinos will require that your referrals have a minimum deposit or play several times before your bonus can qualify.

✔️ VIP Programs

These bonuses are also called high-roller bonuses. Some casinos call them loyalty programs. You can qualify if you spend a minimum of money in a specific period e.g., $1,000 in one week. Casinos love high-rollers, so bonuses for VIPs are higher. For example, normal members may get a 50% reloading bonus while a VIP gets  150% for topping up. 

Bonuses allow you to have more fun while risking less money. If you are new to online casinos, you will enjoy exploring different games cheaply or for free. If you are an old hand, bonuses are a perfect opportunity to build your bankroll.

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