How to Promote Your Account on TikTok?

This website has been gaining more and more attention from people all around the world and it’s not surprising: currently TikTok is one of the most popular platforms that offer a chance to advertise products and services of all types. But is there a decent way to promote your content quickly and draw the attention of people all around the world?

It’s questionable: there’s so much information on the Internet but all of it barely works. In this article, we have gathered all the main methods of promotion on TikTok and told about them in detail: from a chance to buy TikTok followers to tags and sharing on other social media platforms.

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First of all, let’s talk about tags. Though many people say these don’t work anymore, statistics tell us otherwise: people who’re collecting and using tags decently get pretty nice results from them. As you know, you cannot use hundreds of tags at the same time, the number shouldn’t be too big and each tag should be close to your theme and your content.

People who’re saying that tags don’t work use them excessively, adding in keywords that have no relation to what they’re posting on the platform. If you’re being careful with chosen tags, these will help you attract people who’re sincerely interested in what you’re posting in your profile.

Moving forward: you can share your content not only on TikTok but on other social media pages of yours as well. You can include Facebook and even Twitter, as their people are highly interested in such content as well.

Pinterest is also an option — in other words, the more the merrier. Moreover, each social media platform has some specifics to it and that’s why it attracts specific users; you might have lots of potential followers on Pinterest who just weren’t paying enough attention to TikTok.

And if you share your content there, you might make them want to explore this platform and join you on your journey towards success becoming your followers.

Mutual PR is also a great option for those who have tried previous methods. But this is a nice move for those who already have some kind of an audience and are ready to share it with other bloggers — if you have no people following you, you have nothing to offer in terms of mutual promotion. If you decided to make this step, you need to choose someone who posts something close to your theme, or something that might interest this blogger’s audience.

What about paid followers?

Some people feel sceptical about this option and we totally understand why: nowadays this field is oversaturated with scammers who’re trying to take their client’s money and leave them with nothing.

To escape a situation like this you really need to check the company’s reputation and read reviews and comments from previous buyers: this is the only way you can make sure that you’re purchasing real followers that will bring you all the benefits.

You don’t need fake ones: bots aren’t wanted on any social media platform and TikTok is not an exception. It deletes and bans such pages from its system, which can lead to you being left with nothing and losing all the followers that you have purchased previously.

Although if you’re willing to reach success you need to invest some money into your account, don’t make it too big, and don’t waste all your budget on bought followers. Be rational with what you’re doing and buying and plan ahead: how many followers do you really need to boost your account and make other people think that it is already successful and loved?

This is a number you need to acquire; the rest should be left for real followers to come and stay with you because your content is great. And yes, if you purchased yourself followers and made a giant leap to the number of subs that you have always dreamed of, you still cannot stop posting and interacting with your audience because this is exactly what your success depends on.

Now you know what to do if you’re aiming for success on TikTok: yes, this is a big platform with crazy competition between the blogger, but if you do things right you’ll be able to develop your profile and find yourself an audience that will be sincerely interested in what you’re doing and posting.

Plan things ahead, choose a promo company wisely, and don’t forget to share your content on other platforms as well because this can give you a giant boost in popularity without even you having to spend money on promo.

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