Top 10 Online Casino Games That Have the Potential to Win You the Biggest Jackpots

Tech and Online Casinos: A Revenue Stream Made in Heaven

The unity between Online casinos, and today’s technology is one of the best combinations the world has ever seen since peanut butter and Jelly. A perfect market, which combines the high-stakes, high octane environment of gambling and betting, with today’s widespread commodities which have come as a result of the technological advancements which we’ve seen today.

The online casino business has effectively monopolised this field thanks to these developments, and as a result, there are now a plethora of innovative games available to consumers. Given the current state of technology, where almost everyone has access to their preferred forms of entertainment (with some even resorting to torrents), there is virtually no limit to what Online casinos can provide. In this piece, I’ll discuss some of the most played casino games with the biggest jackpots available to play online.

The Basis: Understanding the Basics

Before pondering which game would provide the greatest potential for financial gain, a person ought to first familiarise themselves with the fundamentals of online casino gambling to get an edge within the gambling world. Learn about the different cash back offers and welcome bonuses that are offered by the different casinos, and then pick the one that best meets your requirements. Verify the legitimacy of the casino by confirming that it possesses the appropriate licences from the government of the country from which it operates.

Once you’ve done your homework on some of the most profitable online casinos, and found one which has both range and a degree of legitimacy, you can go ahead and choose whatever gambling game you think will net you the best profit.

The Best Online Casino Games On The Market

When it comes to the online gaming sector, one of the most prevalent factors would be that of variety. One could easily see that with all of the types of casino games, on all of the different sites available, that there is no shortage of different games one can play to better make a profit on. Below are some of the top casino games, to win big and make a profit.

Gonzita’s Quest

When it comes to Fantasy games, there is a high market demand for them. Gonzita’s quest, which is a spin-off of the acclaimed slot game, Gonzo’s quest caters to these fantasy elements whilst also pertaining to the online casino element, in a monumental way, giving one a good value for their money with some of the best deals. With Jackpots offering a return of almost 97% percent on Investment, why wouldn’t you want to dip your toes into the realm of Gonzita’s quest?

Book of the Dead

This slot-based casino game offers quite the gaming experience for those who choose to play it. The game features a theme that is reminiscent of Indiana Jones. In the Book of Dead slot machine, you’ll find many of the characteristics that make this game such a fan favourite, such as an exotic backdrop, lavish use of gold trim, and exquisitely designed symbols.

This is not the end of the commodities either, as not only the protagonist, but also you, have the opportunity to win the jackpot, which has a return rate of 94.2%.


Bonanza, was the first online slot game by megaways to make waves within the online casino industry, something which led to an emergence of online slots titles worldwide. Volatile but profitable in its nature, Bonanza is one of the best bets to play slots online. After all, it was the one which started it all, and with a jackpot starting at 120,000 coins and ending at double the amount, there is indeed gold in the hills.

Primate King

King Kong fans, this is the slots game for you. Set in an environment reminiscent of Skull island, Primate King offers players a fun and interactive gaming experience with a number of creative symbols and an engaging atmosphere to make your experience a fun one. While the Gorilla may be smashing trees and coconuts, the game is smashing prices with one of the biggest welcome bonuses one could imagine.

Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways

Another Megaways classic, an igaming developer which will be mentioned quite heavily on this list, Fishin Frenzy Megaways offers a unique look at online slots by introducing fishing into the mix. With a theme of fishing and marine life, fishin frenzy megaways is visually appealing whilst also offering a number of free spins, with a minimum of two, and a whopping maximum of 50.


Due to it being NetEnt’s most popular game, starburst needs no introduction, as it is synonymous with players of Online slots. Boasting a low volatility, amazing soundtrack and beautifully vibrant, colourful visuals as well as the potential to win up to fifty grand on one lucky spin, the game is one of the best and one which should not be overlooked on your next online gambling excursion.

The Goonies

Based on the 1980’s classic of the same name, the goonies is a licensed slot which offers you the experience to enjoy the beauty of the original film, with the difference of now being able to make real money off of this exciting new game. Keeping in line with the film’s imagery and sound effects, the profits one can make from the Goonies is no laughing matter. The rest of the game’s well done comedic elements, which have remained faithful to the film on the other-hand? Definitely.

Legacy of the Dead

Continuing the theme of Play N’Go’s egyptian-based themes after book of the dead, legacy of the dead continues to uphold play N’go’s amazing quality of gaming, through beautiful visuals, artwork that will blow your mind, and intricately designed symbols.

The Naked Gun

Another licensed masterpiece taken from film, the naked gun follows the escapades of Frank Drebin, the protagonist of the original 80’s and 90’s comedy classics, with his voice being used within the slots game to bring you back to that era of overall comedy. From free spins to multipliers, there is no shortage of features that the naked gun can offer.

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways

Gonzo’s quest has a strong element of fantasy and action within it, putting you in the shoes of the titular spanish Conquistador Gonzo Pizarro, in his quest to find the lost city of Gold, El Dorado. With a potential of your winning to be multiplied by a whopping 21 thousand, who knows what profit’s you’ll make off this masterpiece.

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