6 Important VPN Benefits That You May Still Miss

All internet users should be concerned about the potential risks they go through every time they navigate into the virtual world. The internet is actually a very useful and all-inclusive place where you can find almost everything but it’s also a pretty obscure reality because of the many hackers.

Internet Security Vs. Hacking Issues

Hacking issues and security measures are the two extreme forces that stay one in front of the other one. On one hand, you have the most skilled and tricky hackers with their advanced methods to steal personal information and, above all, financial credentials. On the other hand, you have plenty of security measures designed to help you protect your data and your devices.

The first thing to keep in mind when joining a new social network or an online platform, especially if it’s a gaming platform, is to check the website’s authentication. If its URL starts with HTTPS://, it’s a sign that the site is safe and sound.

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Key Benefits Of Having A VPN

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help you be more protected when you go online. Basically, a VPN comes with two main benefits, one is about masking your privacy information (IP address, location, search history) so other websites can’t track the information stored in your device, while the other benefit is about security. In fact, a VPN also protects your personal data and other information that goes out or comes into your device.

If these two key benefits sound pretty good for you to start using a VPN, just know that the list of pros is still pretty long. We’ve created the following list of all the main benefits of using a VPN, so you can get a comprehensive overview of the best advantages VPN can provide you:

1. It Hides Private Information

Many people don’t know that certain websites and apps can track the users’ online activity and analyze their data. But if you use a VPN, you can prevent any website or other parties from accessing your internet connection and track your private information. In other words, a VPN helps you navigate the internet anonymously.

2. Avoid Data-Throttling

If you haven’t heard of data-throttling yet, here’s a quick explanation for you: data-throttling consists of a slowdown of your internet service provider because you’ve used a big amount of data. Using a VPN helps you avoid this annoying inconvenience by maximizing your internet speed.

3. Keep Bandwidth-Throttling Away

Another thing that you may not know: bandwidth-throttling occurs when you have slow internet speed on certain websites. A VPN can help you as it encrypts your device’s internet navigation data like your search traffic. As a consequence, the VPN avoids anyone on the same network from accessing your internet traffic’s content.

4. Forget Censorship Problems Abroad

If you are going to a place with internet navigation restrictions (for example, you can’t access a certain kind of website like online casinos), a VPN helps you by hiding your real geographical location, so it’s like you are accessing that website from elsewhere. Remember that you can’t use a VPN illegally, so check the country’s laws before you use the VPN.

5. Access Services Like Netflix

Netflix is a regionally blocked service but can be accessed via a VPN to get around these restrictions.  In addition to allowing access where restricted, certain content also regionally locked can be viewed using a VPN. At this point, you must keep in mind that certain countries may punish the users who use a VPN to “cheat” their rules.

6. Access Sports Coverage

Depending on the kind of VPN that you use, you may be able to access sports coverage that is restricted for your region. Just a quick example: if you want to watch a TV network like NBC but you aren’t based in the US, you may not be able to access it unless you use a specific VPN that allows you to do it.

In conclusion, a VPN can give you the right solution to a lot of internet issues, but make sure you can use a VPN according to your country’s laws (in some countries, VPNs are strictly banned or regulated).

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