Which Social Media to Use if You Have Just Founded Your Brand

Each of us can start our own business in a matter of seconds, in the blink of an eye, taking advantage of the support of digital spaces and new media for online communication, and social media, which represent a real flywheel for all businesses: not only those that already exist but also those that are just starting out and need a decisive push to start flying, effectively inserting themselves in their target market.

Until a few years ago, people animated by the desire to set up on their own had to follow a standard procedure, which began with careful market surveys, the preparation of a business plan, and the search for a physical space that would house the actual business, and that could serve as the office and registered office of the fledgling company.

Once these preliminary steps had been set aside, the next step-perhaps the most arduous-was to search for customers, for stakeholders who could demonstrate some kind of interest in the services or products offered by the company: to seek them out, the new companies had at their disposal the traditional communication spaces, which for years have housed the advertisements and listings of so many companies in every corner of the globe, and which still today-though to a much lesser extent-continue to support various brands in achieving their visibility goals.

We are talking about newspapers, radio, and television stations, which in some cases constituted the only authentic means of communication available to a brand. Nowadays, the situation has changed completely.

The Support of Digital

The presence of the new digital media – websites, blogs, social media, instant messaging channels on cell phones, and much more – not only contributes to the facilitation of any business development procedure, especially to increase awareness in the initial stages, but also to incentivize people to launch themselves into new activities, even into starting completely new businesses, deciding to strike out on their own and finally begin their own personal climb to success.

Indeed, we find ourselves in an extremely peculiar historical phase, in which most people, after having spent several decades in the blissful blissfulness of fixed, secure places in the warmth of their offices, seem to be more oriented toward smarter, more agile jobs, to be carried on even remotely, perhaps through a business or enterprise that one has helped to found personally, thanks to a particular insight or the concrete application of an idea that has been brooding for quite some time, perhaps even for years, and that has finally found a way to manifest itself.

One medium to be exploited intensively in the initial stages – and to be used afterwards as well – is definitely video, through innovative platforms such as TikTok or Twitch, without forgetting YouTube.

In an era such as this, dominated by the power of visual communication, video is indeed the privileged means of promoting one’s business online, attracting new customers and new business requests, through video content of varying – but preferably short – duration that illustrates to the public one’s expertise in a specific field, thus positioning oneself as a new player with unique and distinctive characteristics.

The Role of New Social Arenas

The web and social media, in a sense, are to be considered as true awareness amplifiers, as highly effective tools for increasing user traffic to the company’s online channels, thus multiplying the chances that they will turn into real customers.

Thanks to the support of the new online communication channels, among which websites should never be forgotten, many brands (belonging to different sectors) have been able to successfully complete the transition from the physical to the digital world without any kind of jolt, serenely heading into new phases of success.

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